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Meet Rebecca

Certified Life Coach & Mindset Expert

For most of my life I really struggled to live in my own skin. Self-love, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance were very foreign ideas to me and I know are foreign to so many of you too. I created stories in my head of how others perceived me and thought of me and I let this affect my precious days here on earth! Anxiety overtook me!

Having my first child seventeen years ago was the first step for me to understanding there was something more magical about life. I knew something deep inside of me was drawn to help others. However, I still did not really start living my life as I was destined to until the last eight years. My life started to feel like the one I was meant to live but then it all fell apart just as fast. My marriage was over without me even seeing it coming and the next thing I knew I was hitting a new rock bottom, no money, raising my three babies, a new business that was just getting started, huge feelings of rejection and shame and a big gap where the life I had always expected was suddenly gone! Depression started to settle in. But this was not the life for me!

So, I started again. It has not been easy, but I have gained so much understanding of myself and others and so much insight into how to love and support people to see how brilliant and extraordinary they are.

Falling in love with my life and my Creator again and again, over and over has allowed me to love and guide and show others on a whole new level also. Life is amazing and continues to gain momentum each time I fall down. I am absolutely thrilled to be doing what I do. I am living my purpose. I am showing my own children that life is not a dress rehearsal.

As your Certified Life and Mindset Coach, I am determined and excited to become your biggest cheerleader at this time in your life!

I decided to become a Life Coach to fulfil my lifelong passion of helping others to gain a connection with their authentic self, to love and nurture who they truly are, live out their deepest dreams whilst living a life in harmony and happiness.

Are you ready to recognize yours?

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  • Christian Life Coach: Center for Christian Life Coaching
  • Core 100 Coach: Robbins Madanes Coaching
  • Life & Health Coach: Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Bachelor in Social Sciences, Major Psychology & Ed: University of Waikato, NZ
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