"Reaching out and booking my first appointment with Rebecca last year was exactly what I needed. I remember sitting down and bursting into tears with the overwhelming burden I felt on my shoulder. Piece by piece Rebecca calmly got to know me, my challenges, and supported me in setting goals... even when I did not know where to start. Over the last 10 months I have grown so much, and have achieved more than I ever thought I could or would - this is all with Rebecca's steady guidance and support. Every time I see Rebecca I feel supported and listened to - I walk away with a skip in my step and determination and knowledge on how to achieve my goals. I love having someone to celebrate with, and Rebecca's kindness is always noticed! I am grateful to all that Rebecca does to help keep me positive and moving in the direction I want to be headed in!".

“A few sessions in with Rebecca I already feel that with her help I have been able to reflect on my life and create new pathways towards creating my better future and creating the best version of myself.”


“Rebecca has helped me this year in a multitude of ways, from learning about nutrition and eating to help my IBS, learning to love and accept myself and dealing with the problems life throws at me in a more positive and healthy way. Rebecca has not only been a coach to me but also a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. She is supportive, loving and down to earth and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who feels a little lost like I was. Thank you for everything Rebecca.”


“At the very beginning of my sessions with Rebecca, I felt lost. Worse than that, I didn’t really KNOW how lost I actually was! I was almost content with my “lostness” like it was normal. The first few sessions made me recognize how I was truly feeling, and as time went on I began to feel more in control. I was supported and challenged to take the reins back. I am now in control of my health, my diet, my job, my emotions and my relationship. I don’t constantly doubt myself anymore. Looking back now, as I approach the end of my six-month guidance, I am such a different person!I feel lighter and free. I’m happy! Thank you so much Rebecca!”


"Rebecca has been a wonderful coach to me over the last few months. She is kind and genuine with the ability to make you feel at ease. I appreciate the gifts and words that come from her, showing that she has connected with what I share. Rebecca is professional as well as caring. I value her opinion, insight and positive/realistic way of looking at what life throws at me. The breathing at the start of each session helps me relax into our time and the cup of tea is always a bonus! She promotes self-love and acceptance/awareness of what you have control over. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who needs to get their life and mind in focus" 


"Rebecca's programme has helped me so much. I realise now the most important thing in my life is ME! I am finally understanding that I am worth it and the only person I have control over in my life is ME. The positive changes in my life are happening because of me but with the awesome support of Rebecca."

Rebecca Kingston

Life  Coach

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