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New Zealand


I wasn't put on this earth to make others suffer!

Recently I had an experience that shook me to my core. Hands shaking, heart racing, mind freaking out. I lost all my senses in that moment. I couldn't see anything, nor hear the person that started talking to me. Everything faded into the background as my mind scrambled for understanding of what was just presented to me and for answers for what to do next. I left the group I was sitting with and went to the toilets where I messaged my friend with what had just happened. I was so upset I had to leave the event asap and for the next hour my friend and I shared our opinions, our anger and thoughts and possible next moves with each other. Although we came out with no clear answers, being able to

Conquering yourself!

I was lucky to get some green therapy this weekend. Climbing to the Hakarimata Summit is challenging but the mental clarity I gain is worth it. However a year ago I was climbing to the summit 10 minutes faster. A year ago I weighed less than I am now and was about to run a half marathon. NOW once upon a time these facts would have set my mind into a series of unkind and self-defeating conversations. But this is not where I went this weekend. Instead I said "It's ok Bex. Just be better than you used to be." BUT hang on!!! This is not the case if I look at these facts. Physically and fitness wise I used to be better. So what does this mean for me??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! If I tell you I have los

Coming back from my darkest days!

Two years ago this week my world changed. In a moment my life fell to pieces. I remember it all like it was yesterday. One minute I was a part of a tight family unit and the next my husband and partner for 18 years was moving out. He no longer loved me he claimed. I was devastated. I shared this story publicly the other night at a coaching event. I decided it was time to show people that nothing is certain in life and even as a coach my world can crumble too. I was a mess for weeks even though not many people saw this. I had to be brave for my three children who had just had their lives turn upside down. I remember clearly lying on the bedroom floor broken. Feeling completely and utterly unl

No more Pity Parties!

Let's face it sometimes life just doesn't work out how we had hoped and sometimes life doesn't work out as we hoped many times in a row and sometimes it feels like life NEVER EVER works out. I know that I have felt this way many times. Certainly not as much as I used to and it is so much easier to snap out of it. But there have been times when I have wanted to set up my own pity party and hang out there for as long as possible. The strange thing is that nobody else wants to hang out there with me and join in the amazing fun of feeling sorry for myself. In fact I think people are actually repelled by these types of events held by others. We have the expectation that people will flock to our s