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Retreat Terms & Conditions

Breathing Space Coaching Retreats

Terms and Conditions


You understand that by purchasing this retreat, you are legally bound to the terms and conditions, even if you have not read them.


  • Intellectual Property


Our program, products, services, and materials are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.  We (Breathing Space Coaching) are the sole creators and owners of all content, products, materials, and methods unless otherwise stated by us.  Reproducing any of our content, processes, or materials (including design) are strictly prohibited.  


By purchasing our retreat, you understand that you are a licensee, not an owner, of our property, and you are agreeing to use our content, products, services, and materials for your own personal, non-commercial use.  You are also agreeing not to share, sell, or reproduce any aspect or portion of our retreat, program, products, services, content, or materials.  Furthermore, you are agreeing not to copy, modify, or adapt any of our program content, materials, methods, or products.



All rights are reserved by Breathing Space Coaching and any rights not expressly granted within these terms are also reserved by us.


  • Media Release


Any content for our social media, website, and other marketing materials, which includes your photo or video or voice, will only be used if full permission has been granted by you.


  • Content Usage


Any use of our retreat content beyond what is expressed in these terms must be requested via a written request and submitted to BEFORE use.  If you are granted written permission from us to use the requested content, you are permitted to only use what is expressly agreed upon within the emails and nothing else and for no other use.


  • Privacy and Security


You understand that by enrolling in our retreat, you are giving us access to your personal information, and you are consenting to the processing of that information in accordance with our privacy policy.  You understand that we will keep your information secure and confidential to the best of our ability; however, you also understand that you are entering your personal information at your own risk.

You understand that you are responsible for any communications or content sent from your computer or phone to us.



  • Your Financial Agreement with Us


You have agreed to pay the deposit required on booking and the remaining payment two weeks before the retreat dates. You will receive a confirmation of deposit upon booking as well as the remaining payment dates.


If your payment is not received on the day it is due, you will be given a 7-day grace period to make the payment. After the 7-day grace period, you will be contacted for further action


If you fail to make the full payment as agreed upon by us, you will remain responsible for the full payment whether you attend the retreat.


  • Cancellation


We understand that circumstances change. Therefore, if you need to cancel your registration, we are happy to reimburse you your payments (outside of the deposit). Please send all cancelations in writing via email.

We also reserve the right to cancel your position if we feel you are not the best fit for the retreat with full reimbursement.


  • Changes


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify venues and arrangement of the retreat at any time. If a revision is required will provide maximum notice prior to any new changes taking effect. 


If you have any questions regarding these terms, you may contact us directly at


  • Transportation

Getting to and from the retreat is the responsibility of the participant and not included in the price. Some transportation during the retreat will be available depending on the activity.

  • Mobile Devices

To truly escape and help you disconnect, we are requesting a low-tech environment. Use of mobile devices is encouraged to be only used in your room. Your room is also equipped with a landline phone. Family and friends will be able to contact you via the main reception number of the resort during retreat sessions if necessary.

  • Valuables

A safe will be available in your room. Responsibility and loss of valuables during the retreat rest with the participant.

  • Health & Safety

We will go to all lengths to ensure your Health and Safety is taken care of during your time on the retreat. However, you understand that ultimately this remains your responsibility and we ask that you take every step you can to eliminate risks such as avoiding excessive alcohol or heading out alone after dark.

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