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Searching for a Safe Space for Healing & Transformation?

Online Coaching with Rebecca Kingston

Feeling stuck, isolated, uncertain, overwhelmed, purposeless? Facing a broken situation or life transition? Struggling with self-worth or unrealistic expectations of yourself?

I get it! I once felt ALL that too!

Consider Life Coaching for a positive change!

Life Coaching is a collaborative process inspiring personal and professional potential. I'll walk beside you, offering support and guidance as you navigate challenges, transitions, and conflicts, helping you achieve your ideal life, relationships, or career.

The Goal of Coaching is TRANSFORMATION!

Meet Rebecca

Certified Life Coach & Mindset Expert

I decided to become a Life Coach to fulfil my lifelong passion of helping others to gain a connection with their authentic self, to love and nurture who they truly are, live out their deepest dreams whilst living a life in harmony and happiness.

I am a Certified Christian Life Coach and Certified Robbins Madanes Core 100 Life Coach with over eight year's experience coaching people from all walks of life, from Students to Stay-at-home Mamas to General Managers to Retirees. 

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Multifaceted Coaching

Mental Health Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Faith-based Coaching

Business/Leadership Coaching

Single Parent Coaching


The Journey Towards Healing begins on the Path of being seen, heard and fully known.

Begin Your Journey Today.

Life was hard. The little things got me down and I didn’t have any real
form of work life balance and it wasn’t a good relationship for me.
The small things were not at all small for me at the time and it was
draining. A friend had been seeing Rebecca and we talked about how it had made her struggles easier, and I truly felt like I had nothing to lose.
After our first session I knew this was a fit for me and something that we could continue. Our sessions have completely changed my life! It wasn’t easy at time, but change and growth isn’t always meant to be easy.
All of my relationships are better for it. I have work life balance. I am
reaching my goals and setting new ones. I feel in control and that
nothing can derail me.
I have the tools to keep myself on track and it just feels amazing and
empowering to have this influence over your own life.

- Alice

I used to waste so much time worrying over things I had little power over “what others thought of me” “thinking about everything that could go wrong when taking a particular action, and refusing to take that action until I had a plan in place for each of those possibilities” not only time consuming but mentally exhausting as well. This often left me feeling depressed as I often felt I had wasted so much of the day by the time I got out of bed to actually take action on something. Living alone and having no one to tell me how I was feeling on many occasions was perfectly normal. I actually started out with a counseler who referred me to a psychologist and I made some progress there, but it wasn’t till a friend of mine who had no longer needed Rebeccas services recommended Her to me, that I started to make the real big strides to overcome the childhood trauma that was the root of my issues. For the last year I have benefited immensely from our regular fortnightly sessions
And believe it or not, had probably the best year of my life despite lockdown and the pandemic,
I purchased my first house, was elected chairman of my 57 unit corporate body, actually started to enjoy my job again through opening up more (sharing my thoughts ) with my colleagues and developed and sustained 2 new friendships with people who think like me (socially ackward intellectual introverts)

- Vaughan

Before I met Rebecca, I was in a state of depression.   The doctor had put me on stress leave and I viewed everything about my life as a problem.  I had completely lost all confidence in myself and my identity.  I didn't know who I was anymore or what I could offer the world. I was advised by the doctor to seek counseling however my manager at work had supported a life coach. I was intrigued by
what a life coach could do so I googled life coaches in my region.
What I loved about Rebecca was her wide range of qualifications
especially that she had training in psychology. I was worried that
a councilor would listen when I really wanted more advice and
guidance my mindset and confidence. Through Rebecca's coaching sessions I have gained control over my life again. I have worked through my depression and am feeling confident again. I have a positive outlook on life and am
feeling hopeful for the future. Somedays are still hard however
through Rebecca's coaching I have many tools in my toolbox to help me get through the harder days.

- Louise

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